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Meet the band:


Following the exhilarating release of "RIDE FOREVER," Off The Rails is set to unveil their next single, "SHE FLIES," on June 28, 2024. This track showcases our love for traditional Bluegrass and fun lyrics. Produced in collaboration with Grammy-nominated producer Jim VanCleve and recorded at the renowned Forty-One Fifteen studio in East Nashville, "SHE FLIES" promises to showcase tradition with a little twist.


We are Off The Rails, an electrifying American Bluegrass jam band from the musical hub of Nashville, Tennessee. OTR, embodies the heart and tradition of Bluegrass, infusing it with a fresh, innovative spirit that captivates audiences into an “Off The Rails” experience.


Meet the extraordinary talents that make our lineup: Cory Chubb, a virtuoso lead vocalist and multi-instrumentalist; Ben Hill, the masterful lead mandolinist and vocalist; Taylor Gerber, a bassist and captivating vocalist; Frank Evans, a skilled banjoist and vocalist; Cody Bauer, a dynamic violinist adding depth and richness to our sound; and Lucas White, a blazing lead guitarist. 


A monumental moment in our journey was marked on March 3rd, 2023, when we took the stage as the headline act for the Red Daisy Festival in Winston Salem, NC. This special occasion was a celebration of Doc Watson’s 100th birthday, an icon in the world of Bluegrass. The crowd's exuberant response ignited a spark within the founding members - Cory Chubb, Ben Hill, and Taylor Gerber. This pivotal moment led us to embark on an exciting inaugural project that is a testament to our passion and dedication.


Igniting curiosity among music lovers and devoted Bluegrass fans is our aim. With this release, we're setting our sights on the horizon, seeking not only to captivate live audiences but also to secure representation that will amplify our live performances and pave the way for the release of a full 12-track record. 


To all who lend their ears to our labor of love, we hope our music resonates profoundly and is savored to its fullest extent. Join us on this extraordinary musical expedition as we ride the rails of Bluegrass, bound for horizons unknown.


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